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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected visits to the Gambia two years running. Annabel is now looking forward to visiting Bansang Schools in November 2022. BEA and Bansang Senior School have adapted and improved our use of social media to allow communications with staff and students allowing exchange of information and sponsorship to continue.

In October 2021 representatives from local schools gathered at Bansang Senior School to distribute school learning materials bought by BEA and managed by Jabou Kongira, former head teacher at Daru Lower Basic School. Schools have very little money for teaching and learning materials, most of their income pays staff wages.

distribute school learning materials bought by BEA

distribute school learning materials bought by BEA

Following on from Annabel’s 2020 visit BEA supported Sololo School fencing around its garden to keep animals out.

 Sololo School fencing

The blackboards at Chargel school were very difficult for teachers to write on and as difficult for students to read. Refurbishing these was a simple way in which BEA could help with teaching and learning.

new blackboard

58 are being sponsored this year. Using WhatsApp I have been able to chat to most of them. The grade 12 students have just started their final West African exams.

students at Bansang Senior School
students at Bansang Senior School

Fatoumata is 18 and in grade 11, She is studying the science stream. Very sadly her mother died some years ago and she lives with her dad and brother. She is working very hard at school and hopes to become a doctor. Some of our students have managed to get scholarships abroad to study medicine, but The Gambia does have a small medical school now.


Modou Lamin is a new student in grade 10 studying the science stream also. He is aged 17 and from Bansang. His parents are unemployed and living in Bansang so have little land to feed themselves. Like Fatoumnata and many of the Bansang students he also would like to be a doctor.