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About us

Annabel Kerr spent 18 months working in Bansang Hospital between 2004 and 2006 in association with the Bansang Hospital Appeal.

During this time she met and sponsored many pupils who were keen to learn, but lacked the financial support to remain in school. She also visited the local schools, and taught basic English and Maths in her spare time. She found the teachers in Bansang to be motivated and hardworking, but struggling with the poor resources available and classroom conditions.

Teaching in a classroom in temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius for 10 hours a day with a class of 50 children certainly isn’t easy!

Supporting childrens education in the Gambia

Cost of educating a child for one month in the Gambia

The actual cost per month needed to help support a child in school is minimal to us here, but is a significant burden to families in The Gambia.

A little of your money can go a long way. Annabel has developed the Bansang Educational Appeal to enable other Bansang students who suffer financial hardship to benefit from sponsorship. She is helped in this by two other trustees (Peter Ward and Sheena Simmonds Ward) who help to run the charity.

To put it into perspective, the cost of a pack of cigarettes, a couple of pints of beer or a latte and piece of cake would sponsor a child’s education for a MONTH.

As we are a small charity our overheads are minimal and you can be sure all your donations go direct to where they are needed.

Government funding for education has changed since the Appeal was started in 2008 and so our sponsoring structure has changed and adapted to student needs.

We now sponsor specific students at senior level paying enrolment fees, study fees, providing uniform and stationery and lunch where possible. During the first 9 years of school education we work with schools to help supplement resources from government rather than sponsor individuals.

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Goverment funding for education


Bansang Educational Appeal raises money through regular giving, donations and fundraising events